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he windows of a home are an essential source of light and beauty. So there’s a change that comes over a place once we clean its glass. It comes in the added natural light. It comes in refreshing the old familiar view. It comes with the hint of glee found in the homeowner’s eyes once our work is done. There is a subtle boost in joy and we feel it every day at the end of each job.

Window cleaning has been the hallmark of our business since its founding and it still is. We take great care with every pane and aim for a perfect, streak-free clean with every window. It’s harder than it looks. There are two main methods:

6-S Window Cleaning

This is our standard operating procedure for most windows.

1. We soap the glass using a water and soap solution.
2. We scrub it. On especially dirty windows, this is done with fresh, #0000 steel wool.
3. We squeegee the glass using a fresh squeegee at nearly every job.
4. Then we perform a streak-check, running down the edges and corners with a clean dry rag.
5. The sash & sill wipe comes next.
6. Lastly, we do a screen wipe if there is one.


Deionized Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

When the conditions are right, we may use a newer system for refreshing the old familiar view. The deionized water-fed pole method has become an important tool in modern window cleaning. It gives a more affordable streak-free clean without using ladders. It works well with vinyl and aluminum-framed windows. It doesn’t work as well on many older windows (such as true leaded-glass panes), and it can’t be used for interior windows. Screens will also need to be removed prior to cleaning.


Some things may be added for an additional charge:
  • Track cleaning (the areas exposed when the windows or doors are opened)
  • Screen scrub & wash
  • Removable grids or muntins
  • Paint (or construction debris) removal

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