Move In / Move Out

Move In / Move Out

We have worked with and offer services for a 1 time service for a small 1 bd apartment to apartment complexes reoccurring turnover, we are experienced, and detail oriented. Our Complete clean system will make our house/apartment look like no one has ever lived in this residence before!

How does our apartment cleaning program work?

People and businesses are constantly on the move. The latest U.S. Census reports that there are over 327 million people currently living in the United States. Statistics indicate that almost 15 percent of the population moves annually. That’s over 49 million people packing their bags and relocating. This mass migration creates opportunities for cleaning business owners.

As people and businesses move, they need their previous location cleaned and/or want to make sure their new setting is “work ready”. Cleaning companies can fill this niche for on the move businesses by providing what is known as “move-in/move-out cleaning”. It can be an ideal add-on service and a great way for your commercial cleaning company to make more money!